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Software Development

Annaimar Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an acknowledged software company in chennai, India. We are experienced in development of Software applications, custom programming, Client-Server architecture and Internet/intranet applications.

Our team experts have capability to build an applications in various technologies includes, asp. Net, VB.net, PHP, Mysql and CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Oscommerce, PHPnuke, Smarty, etc. Our software professionals from different backgrounds proves their creative potential to a great extent of developing programming applications both in reliability and quality.

Software Development Process

There are various methods for designing software applications. We are using the Standard SDLC life cycle model in Waterfall method. Our Seven phases of software application defines:

  • Software Requirement Specification ( SRS ), Planning

  • Designing architecture

  • Coding

  • Testing and Debugging

  • Implementaion

  • Maintenance.

Most significant phase i.e. Specification. Using feasibility study, we can convert the abstract idea of client what they want as a result of software product through our software experts minimizing the ambiguious, incomplete or even contradictory source specification. Once the SRS is collected from the client, scope of the project is clearly determined and documented.If there is any disputes arised in functionality of project or out of scope what we have collected in SRS phase, SRS document can be considered as a legal document and the ambiguity was fixed what we have promised from both of the side and clarified.


Design phase is the initial stage of domain analysis to design a framework of software in new application or new sub application of whole new product etc. Developers including analysts are aware of the new technology of the software product, less work is needed, if they not aware of the new technology used in software product, first task is to learn about the new domain knowledge, obviously more time is needed for learning the terminology of domain, syntax format and Semantics.
In this phase, architecture of the technology used for a software product is fully analyzed as per the client requirement specification. Architecture is also designed for ensuring the future enhancement updations and interfaces between the our product and other software products. Also feasible for platforms we can deploy.

Coding is the next phase, after the design phase is finalised for each attributes as per the client requirement, modules, Sub modules, Integrations internal and external. After the coding phase, deployed for testing and debugging. This part of process is ensuring that bugs are recognised as early as posssible. Throughout the cyle of developing the product, documentation was written used for future maintenance and enhancements. In maintenance phase, clients new requirements and existing code advancements that have to integrate and modity the product with new features and enhancements

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